Office Place Stress, Part 4: Are you doing what you love? Most people aren’t.

Tell me something. Did you pick your present job because you thoroughly checked out the company, its ethics, culture, corporate image and employee environment, or did you just throw a bunch of resumes out at the world and hoped at least one of them would stick? If you did, your not alone. Millions of folks just don’t have a choice and need to work virtually anywhere in order to keep it all together. So, what happens if you find yourself in a situation that is less than acceptable and you aren’t as enthusiastic about your job or career as you thought you would be? Remind yourself that it is only temporary, and that you still have the ability to react positively and to control your next move.

If you have become complaisant, check out your present companies benefits packages to see if they offer any form of counselling services that you can tap into. The worst feeling in the world for is to suggest to yourself that you might be stuck in a dead end job and not following the path that makes you extremely happy (or at least relatively satisfied) When I worked at one of the largest call centers in North America, I worked along side of people who had their PHD’s, one fellow was actually a brain surgeon, and others had years and years of post secondary education in their chosen fields and simply could not find work anywhere and had to ‘wait it out’ until their personal situation improved. Inside the call centre (at maximum capacity the building held 1800 employees) there were people from all walks of life, with many levels of, well, lets say determination, enthusiasm and involvement.

Now, I can hear a bunch of you heckling me in the background and saying ‘Yes, but I don’t have any post secondary education to further my situation’, and that’s a very fair statement. Here’s my answer. Most companies now have some kind of program in place where they will actually sponsor you to go to school. That’s right, they will pay for your courses, as long as they are marketable for the company, and as long as you pass all of your studies. That sounds like an interesting proposition doesn’t it? I mean, let’s look at it from a different perspective. The majority of people will tell you that, in order to get the job or career you truly want you need some kind of post secondary education. Why not take advantage of the incredible opportunities that await you.

I personally know someone who completed a full marketing program at a local university. It took him a couple of years, and he had to initially pay for the courses semester after semester but the company paid his back in full. Imagine, getting paid to go to school. Interesting concept. The reason I threw this idea at you is because if you are struggling, becoming stagnant or just plain dis-interested in your workplace, this might just be the lifeline your looking for.

The real purpose of this blog entry is to let you know that there are always some sort of positive change or action you can take, even if your particular situation seems less than stellar, there’s always hope. And, if you still can’t see the positive side of life, go back and re-read our third entry in our Office Place Stress series, and that is to take brisk walks, often and enthusiastically. Hey, that’s one of the prescriptions a medical doctor may suggest to you for depression, and that is to do allot of walking.

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