Neck Injury= Blog Activity Will Be Limited

Because of a ‘trapped nerve’ in my neck, all three of my web properties: Abbotsford Small Business, Eflexonics and Healthy Tech Talk will see very limited activity for the next few months. I am hoping to have the issue resolved as soon as I can, but, to all of my blog readers that have had a pinched nerve, you know that sometimes it can be a fairly complicated process. Typing can be an exercise in pain all by itself.

There are however, some exciting projects happening in the background that I can tell you about. I have found a former Reflexology student of Yvette Eastman’s and he wants to do a video podcast show on the ‘Healthy Tech Talk’ blog. I have been talking to him and we are both very excited about creating a series for our viewers.

One of my health professionals has suggested to me that it would be a great form of therapy to actually blog and podcast (when I can) about my recovery, and since I am a blogger by nature, it looks like a great fit. If you haven’t been following my adventures about my injury when it started last year, I’ll do what I can to keep you ‘up to date’ with my condition.

At the moment, about the only activity I could do successfully would be ‘movie critic’ (thank you Netflix) and in the meantime will be asking the internet what shows they would like to see in the future. Thanks everyone for your support. I will ‘blog at you later’.
Rick Haaland, owner of eflexonics. (Holistic Technology Brokers)

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