We test out a complete fitness and nutrition program called ‘Noom’

Pat and I have had our Motorola Atrix smartphone’s for just over one month and love experimenting with them. Since they are android devices we will be discussing one particular app that should be on everyone’s list for health related activities. After all, if your a computer user we all must admit that we don’t get enough exercise. For Pat and myself, our physical meanderings include either walking up the small mountain we live on, or walking down. We have to do both if we want to return to our humble abode.

We quickly outlined the app called ‘noom’ a few podcast’s ago and we thought we should give you a more in-depth look at the program because it is jammed packed with allot of features that are extremely valuable to us, and we are certain you will like the app as well. Let start by giving you the web address. After you download your program, take a look at the three little green men on the top of the noom screen. The first green cartoon person has his right hand sticking out, and he is pulling on his pants in an attempt to show you just how much weight he or she has lost. This is where you will have the choice of four buttons. Plan, Help, Weight Graph and Progress. Lets break these fields down.

Plan: Noom will ask you what you want to enter for your Target Weight, and how much you have to lose per week in order to accomplish your goal. Very handy indeed. It will also suggest a schedule as to how many workouts per week you want. Don’t worry, there is a little button just below ‘schedule’ that will allow you to reset you plan anytime you want.

Help: Noom is quite intuitive. In the help menu it has four main sections. Set your goal, Set your plan, Work out with Cardio Trainer and See results. We love this program for what it doesn’t do, and that is, you don’t have to count calories. Noom has an interesting concept in that if you spend too much time counting calories, that’s more time you could have spent working out. Nice to know that there is a program out there that doesn’t follow the norm. Now, for those hard core calorie counting folks that just have to count calories, they do have a counter included in the program.

Weight Graph: In this section of the program you can enter how much weight you are losing. It even evaluates a form of weight loss pattern for me and spreads this information out over many weeks so I can see the plan working to my advantage.

Progress: This is where it get really exciting. On the progress section, you will see three separate and distinct areas of your progress. On the left is your goal, and on the right, split into two areas are how many calories less per day you need to eat in order to meet your desirable outcome, and how many calories you need to burn in your workouts to keep the weight off, and keep it off.

Now, we investigate the Workout Section. The version that Pat and I are enjoying is completely free, however you can buy a secondary part of the app called ‘Cardio Trainer’ that you can purchase  for $9.99. Once inside your Workout section, you can schedule your walks (which should keep you motivated) A complete ‘history’ section that shows you exactly what you have done in the past. Keep going until you find the ‘settings’ tab. Once your inside, we would suggest that you not ‘enable voice output’ because every few minutes on you walk the program will tell you a bunch of stuff that you don’t really need to hear about until the workout is over. You also have an opportunity to download music and control it through the program if you want.

We do suggest that you click on your ‘Sharing Setting’s’ and share your results on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, its called diet by intimidation, or if your anything like us, just plain fun. It encourages other people who see your results on social network sites. It also shows that you are committed to a fitness and weight loss plan that your very proud of.

Sometimes life gets so hectic that we don’t walk as often as we like. It seems it goes in spurts. One week we will walk 5 times in 7 days, and the next we may not have time to walk at all. That’s when a program like noom can help motivate you and show you patterns that you aren’t particularly pleased with yourself. Just remember that its a numbers game. Eventually if you use the program every day, it will become habit and easier to work with.

Along with Noom, there is a complimentary program that works seamlessly to track your eating habits. Its called ‘calorific’ and you should use it along with the main Noom app for best results.

When you open up Noom, on the right side there will be a little green fellow holding a fork in his right hand and a knife in his left. Click on that button and be prepared to be delighted because this is where you track your eating habits. Go to the profile button, fill out all of the information like your sex, age, height, weight and goal of weight you want to lose. Noom will suggest to you how many calories you should be eating to meet that goal.

When you are in the calorific section, (look for the green guy holding the cutlery) click on ‘Today’s Log’ and click on the ‘Breakfast’ tab. Halfway down the page, click on ‘More details’ and watch what happens. You now have quite a large selection of food groups and categories that you can use to match what you are eating. When you put all of the powerful sections of Noom together, you can see where this application can be your personal nutritional guru and fitness trainer all in one. We encourage you to try Noom, and send us the link to your facebook page so we can track each others progress. We hope you have enjoyed our review of Noom, and look forward to your comments or suggestions to our blogs and shows. Thanks. Chat at you later. Rick and Pat.


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