Smartmeters. What exactly is going on?

Isn’t it interesting to be pulled in two totally different directions at the same time? A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for a group called ‘Citizens for safe technology’ on another blog of mine. It basically outlined the potential, and I mean ‘potential’ of harmful effects wi-fi signals may be producing through the new BC Hydro smart meter program. There are several issues that have grabbed the attention of politicians, private sector groups, radio stations, even Rafe Mair has expressed his opinion, and he can be pretty influential. So, here are the issues in no particular order.

1) Wi-Fi concerns. This one is a biggy. BC Hydro has deemed that Smartmeters are absolutely harmless to humans and animals, and has even stated this information on their website. The only challenge is that the information on their site is not completely truthful, nor up to date.

2) Is BC Hydro going to give us a choice about having a Smartmeter installed on the side of your home? Well, they say an alternative may be presented, but that would have to be paid by the consumer. It looks like you can have BC Hydro run a line from the Smartmeter to the road so the Wi-Fi is not a concern to you, however, the cost may be very expensive, and to offer consumers that option may not be a choice at all. You see, BC Hydro didn’t ask your permission. Didn’t have any kind of consultation or town hall meeting. Didn’t even think it was worth their time to inform you that a Smartmeter will be attached to your house, or consider any other plan than plan A which is ‘shove this device down consumers throat’s and ignore what they have to say’.

3) Will Smartmeters be used as a surveillance device? According to more than a few sources it is a definite possibility. Not only that, but the information gathered about how you use your energy can easily be sold to third party companies, again, without your permission. Oh yes, and the best part of this entire fiasco is that the program will cost about a billion dollars. Yes, you heard correctly, that’s billion with a ‘B’.

The health claims against Wi-Fi are now being looked at through the eyes of the World Health Organization. They have stated that there is a possibility that Wi-Fi signals may be carcinogenic, and have put it in the same category as exhaust fumes. There are reports out that claim Smartmeter radiation is much stronger than the radiation that can be emitted from a cell phone, and I have recently read a scientific report that holding a cell phone close to your head actually increases the temperature of your brain, and that’s a very bad thing.

And why is BC Hydro in such a hurry to install these devices anyway? The fact remains that Smartmeters are going to broadcast Wi-Fi signals from your home many times during the day. Here’s the scary part. When you and all of your neighbors have these devices installed, the plan is to make them broadcast in a mesh/network pattern and ‘chatter’ much more than BC Hydro would have you believe. Citizens for safe technology has been on many different radio programs, as well as protested this issue and have been on TV sharing their concerns. I think we owe it to this group to let them speak or represent us where ever and when ever we can.

A few weeks ago, I phoned BC Hydro and told them that I did not want a Smartmeter installed on my home. They gave me the phone number to Corix, the company that has the contract to do the installs. I phoned Corix and informed them about my intentions, and that I would not accept a Smartmeter on my property. The agent just kept saying ‘Sir, when we come to install your Smartmeter’, and I would stop her to let her know that that would not be an option for me, she just kept on repeating the line ‘Sir, when we come to install your Smartmeter,’ and kept reading from the script Corix has supplied her with. It was worse than talking to a brick wall. The agent must have asked me 8 times what the reason was for me not wanting a Smartmeter, and finally I said that the World Health Organization has stated that Wi-Fi could be a possible carcinogen, and guess what she said to me? Sir, how do you spell carcinogen? OK, enough said.

Let’s look at some hard, cold facts. If BC Hydro goes ahead with this scheme and populates all of our houses with Smartmeters, and in a few years multiple scientific studies tell us what we already suspect is true, BC Hydro can always say ‘Oops, we made a mistake’. The simple truth is that ‘Oops’ won’t fix this, and by that time it may already be to late because the Smartmeter phenomenon will be deeply entrenched into our society. My personal opinion is that we need to stop BC Hydro on this ridiculous quest and demand that they fully explain what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

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