Cell phones can heat up the lining of your brain. Be careful.

When I was a computer technician at the start of my career, we relied on cellphones on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, we simply couldn’t do our jobs without them. I entered the tech world in 1997. Back then, there wasn’t any hint of blue tooth headsets for cell phones. If we wanted any kind of a hands free environment, we had to use the wired headset that came with the cell phone. I loved the headset because as I was driving my car to my next IBM server call, I could talk to clients, conference call another party into the conversation and do remote instructions with a client all while driving my car. Pretty slick.

After a few weeks with the cellphone-wired headset combination, I was hooked. It freed up my hands when I had to phone a technical center when I had both hands wrestling a motherboard out, and needed further instructions with the issue I was dealing with. The ear bud took a little getting used to, and after a few days I really didn’t notice it anymore. Today, in British Columbia it is mandatory law that anyone who is driving a car MUST wear a bluetooth device when using a cell phone. Every day I see many, many people still holding their cell phones up to their ears while driving, still not understanding that it is not only dangerous and illegal, but did you know that your cell phone can heal up the lining of your brain. Do I have your attention yet? I hope so. It should concern you if you use your cell phone for even moderate use.

Every single cell phone now comes with a wired headset, just like always, and this is actually the best way to use your mobile device. Besides, if you listen to podcast’s or audio books, you have an advantage. With a wired headset you can listen to the podcast’s or audio books, and if a phone call comes in, with a click of a button on your cell phone you can take the call right away, keep the phone a more healthy distance from your head and then go back to the other media quite seamlessly. So, lets talk about what most people would prefer to use…..

Bluetooth headsets are extremely popular. Just go to any mall and count the number of folks who wear blue tooth sets. It’s amazing. No wires, no muss, no fuss, no problem. While blue tooth is extremely convenient, and much, much, much better than holding the phone next to your head, it’s actually a kind of ‘middle-of-the-road’ approach to an unsettling question. Are cell phones bad for your health? It’s such a loaded and complicated question that it demands further study and discussion before cell phone companies issue formal statements, but I can suggest this to you. If holding a cell phone up to your ear can heat up the lining of your brain, then its time to keep the device away from your ears and dig out that box that came with the phone and at least get out the wired headset.

Nowadays, I use both wired and blue tooth headsets. You can purchase a fairly good quality blue tooth set for about $30.00 to $40.00. Go up the food chain in quality, and there are a variety of interesting choices you can get. Plantronics make a combo blue tooth device that you can use with your call phone, and on your land line. It’s pricey, but for the professional that wants it all, I would recommend you at least take a look at the Plantronics line. When I worked at one of the largest tech based call centers in North America, all of their headsets were Plantronics, and I have really enjoyed using their products for years now. Personally, I use the  Plantronics Voyager Pro blue tooth headset.

Until we know for certain that cell phones can be used in a safe manner, doesn’t it make sense to err on the side of caution by using some kind of headset to keep the phone away from your brain? After all, you can’t grow another brain, and the excuse of  ’I didn’t know it was bad for my health’ just won’t be good enough. Take care out there, yak at you later. Rick

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