Are your employee’s blogging about your company? They should be

It’s not a bad thing to encourage your brightest, best and happiest to blog for your company. Besides, even if there are people who absolutely hate working for you, they probably won’t be signing up to blog, and if they do blog and say something extremely negative about the company, then they know that negative blogging can actually speed up the process of finding alternative employment, whether they want it or not. Do you know who blogs about their jobs? Let me tell you.

Google. That’s right. Oh, and here is an article to show you that when you blog about your business, it only helps you. Microsoft is another company that allows their employees to blog. Remember a few sentences ago I said not to let disgruntled employees blog about your company? Check out this blog site called Crapple.┬áJust because I said not to let the bad apples spoil the bunch, it still can happen. So, why aren’t you letting your people blog? Is it that you’ve just never thought about it, or don’t know that much about it or how to get started allowing employees to blog.

Now, the big question is, how do you set up specific blogging guidelines for employees so they don’t share confidential information about sensitive material. Take a look at this article as it outlines the basics so you know what to expect. The article has 10 extremely important points that you can use, and include some of the concepts and principles in your own corporate policies you can share with your workers and even have them sign off on the most important aspects before they start to blog. Here’s a really neat blog. You’ll be surprised to see who else allows their employees to blog. Check out IBM’s employee blog. Hey, why not even start a video podcast. Its powerful, engaging, educational, entertaining and let’s your clients see inside your company, and what makes it so great to do business with.

Here’s an interesting concept. Why not create an internal blog (one that will never be published on the internet) to communicate with employee’s on such items as: Meetings. If everyone can’t make it to your weekly sales meeting, why don’t you set up a web cam connected to a notebook PC, record the meeting and upload it to your internal blog so everyone can catch up with whats going on with the company. How about training? Could you have some of your staff take a flip cam or vado cam and record some aspect of your training that may be a bottleneck for your company, then post it on your internal bl0g or website designed specifically for other employees to use to sharpen their skills, or learn new ones.

News, education, entertainment, communications, training, corporate culture building, its all available to you and for you when you use social media and blogging to reach not only your well established clients, but potential customers as well, so is it worth it investing in this ‘blogging thing’? Yes indeed.


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