If your unhappy, start pod-casting. I’ts good for you.

I love animals and grew up on a dairy farm. Recently I did a pod-cast on a very unique dairy farm not more than a 10 minute drive from my home that uses robots to milk the cows. Robots! That’s cool. Click here for the video link. I posted this a few months back on 2 separate youtube accounts, and got over 200 people looking at it. On another video posting, I just sat in front of a video camera and talked about something I felt very passionate about, which happens to be about Smart meters. Click here for the video. I’ts already got over one hundred views, so I know that there are at least 100 folks out there that want information regarding the issue.

A few years ago, we took a cruise to Alaska and I stood outside on deck when the wave were very near 30 feet high. In just a few months, almost 800 people viewed the video of it on youtube. Click here to see it. Awhile ago I bought the Magic Jack telephone system and did a hardware review on it. Almost 200 views. Check it out here. You see, it doesn’t matter what you video blog or podcast about. Someone out there needs your camera, opinion and passion to live vicariously through you, and it doesn’t matter if you think its not good enough. Just go out and press that record button to get started. I’ll tell you why I think this works so well for curing unhappiness. It’s almost like looking in a mirror and seeing yourself, but not the ‘negative’ side of you, but the curious and expressive side of your personality.

I’ll video blog about almost anything. I did an interview with my Reflexology instructor, Yvette Eastman that in a very short period of time got over 100 views. I threw together a short video called ‘Our Blog Intro’ and it has close to 400 people that have looked at it. Click here to see what I did when I was going through a very stressful time in my own personal life. Here’s a video of my practicing Yang Style Tai Chi. The moral of this story is this. Video podcast and blog about your life. Doing this (putting together a video podcast of interesting stuff in your life) is incredibly cheap. You tube is completely free. A flip or Vado cam only costs about a hundred bucks, and I’ll bet you already own a computer. If you want to edit your videos, there are free programs for that, and all you need is an inexpensive microphone to complete your artistic talents.

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