Using technology to record your fitness program? Are you pod-casting about it?

My wife and I love the program called ‘Noom’. Unfortunately, because I somehow injured my neck and simply cannot walk around like that for some time, I decided to post some of our walks to give you a sense of how the walking program works. Also, I combined video blogging and text blogging with our walks, and some of the interesting things you come across as your enjoying your hiking trails.

Case in point: We were walking in Mundy park, and came across a metal pole standing about 5 feet tall, with a metal ring mounted horizontally half way down the pole, with chains that¬†attach from the smaller metal hoop to the top of the pole. Yes, it does sound confusing, you should see it in person, its just plain weird. Anyway, there was a sign on the pole that said ‘Disc Golf’. I had never heard of such a thing, so we captured it on video, and as we continued walking across a field, noticed 3 fellows playing Disc Golf. I couldn’t help going over and talking to them about Disc Golf. Turns out, only 3 parks in all of British Columbia have this strange yet interesting twist on the of Golf. See our video on Disc Golf here.

On Saturday, August 13 2011 using our ‘Noom’ program, we have captured a GPS map of where we walked, how far we went,(6.35 kilometers) ¬†how long it took us (1 hr, 26 minutes, 35 seconds) how many calories I burned (422) and our average walking speed (4.4 km/hr) The program even recorded how many steps I took (6345) and that’s pretty detailed information. After the walk in Mundy Parki, we weren’t even close to being winded, so we decided to drive a few miles down the road for another walk along the beach’s of White Rock. This walk took (55 minutes and 22 seconds), a distance of (3.47 kilometers), I burned (220 calories) and our average speed was (3.8 km/hr) See the map below for our Mundy Park walk. If you combine what we did at Mundy Park with our little jaunt at White Rock, you’ll notice that we walked a total of: 9.82 Kilometers, and that’s about average for us on either a Saturday or Sunday.

The fun part about this (aside from being with my beautiful Bride) is the documentation of our walks. When we went to White Rock, we began to get hungry, so decided to check our different Restaurant reviews with a program called ‘Trip Adviser’. Click here to see the review under ‘Coney Island Restaraunt’. Named ‘Light and Fluffy Fish‘. Pat and I have so much fun when we’re out anywhere. A few months ago we walked the Stanley Park Seawall. It was so refreshing to see all of the other folks rollerblading, bicycling, jogging, running and even skipping their way to health. We think it’s really important to record our fitness program for everyone to see to do a couple of things. First, and this may sound a little bit strange, its motivation for us to get out there with our video and still cameras and start capturing fantastic memories. Not only that, but have you ever been talking to someone and they said to you ‘so, what did you do this weekend?’, and you tell them about your walks, how beautiful it was, and no matter how hard you try to recreate the scenery with a good story, its almost impossible. But, if you have videos, pictures and text based stories that easily gives you another dimension to work with so, not only can you tell your friends about with you did, but show them as well.

Another reason I love to use technology to record our fitness program is so that we can motivate not only other people to get out there and start walking, but our blogs and podcast’s serve as reminders to us of what we’ve done, so we can ‘up our game’ to do more than the last walk. Really, its somewhat of a virtual fitness diary that we love to share with everyone. Besides, if you have relatives that live out of the country, and you have a library of videos where you walked, complete with beautiful scenery and stories on the internet where they can easily access them, don’t you think they will be curious about what your doing and turn on your personal channel from You Tube. When they see how much your enjoying yourself, and what your City, Town or Province has to offer, they’ll probably start working on a plan that puts them on a plane to visit you pretty quick.

The point of this bog is to show you that when you use technology to record what your doing out in the ‘real world’, you enrich the world for everyone. Here is a short list of some of the walks we have done and video recorded:

Mundy Park


Burns Bog

Blog at you later, Rick and Pat.


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