Podcast your way to happiness

Do you commute to work? Vacuum? Do chores around the house? Cut the Grass? Are you sick of all these questions? There is a method to my madness. If you do any of the above activities I have great news for you. Did you know that you can actually educate yourself during your downtime? There are so many ways to consume different forms of media on an mp3 player that there is really no excuse not to completely immerse yourself in knowledge. Let me explain what I do.

I have owned an Ipod classic for over 3 years. It is invaluable to me. This little device allows me to download podcasts in the areas that most interests me the most. I listen to podcasts on business, motivation, technical issues, holistic health broadcasts, even audio books from a great site called ‘audible.com’. I commute two hours per day, so the drive gives me a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy my podcast education.

Did you know that there are podcasts on just about every subject imaginable, and yes, there are podcasts out there for you too. Just think of it. If your interested in gardening, carpentry, auto mechanics, mathematics, animal husbandry, race car driving, video gaming or thousands of other topics, test them out on a podcast and download them onto your favorite mp3 player. I was surprised at all of the downtime we have in our daily lives. If you walk, take a podcast of your choice with you. And, if you just can’t seem to fit using a personal podcast program into your daily life, how about at night? That’s when I take my itouch to bed and watch videos or listen to podcast’s when I am resting and allowing myself to unwind just before sleep takes me away for the night.

If you need to study for a test, why not find a podcast that speaks to your educational needs. How about an interview from a ‘mover and shaker’ in an industry that you have been wanting to know more about. The truth is that you can actually change the way you feel about your world by feeding your mind with positives. Now, I’m just enough of a realist to know that just by listening to a few podcasts you can find nirvana. Far from it, but I am saying that if you choose to pick and choose the information that influences your mind and habits, you have a much better chance of re-creating interest in one or more areas of your life.

Owning a smartphone is a big plus because you can load your podcasts and take your new classroom in a box everywhere you go. Here’s something that I have noticed while wearing my earbuds and listening to my favorite podcasts. Many activities are much more enjoyable than before. I look forward to washing the car, trimming the hedges, painting the deck or anything else that demands my attention around the house. There is a certain ‘connectedness’ to podcasts that I just love.

Did you know that almost all radio stations now offer podcasts from their stations so you can get caught up on local news and events within your own community? I seldom have time to read the local paper anymore, but with local radio station podcasts, I can find out what is on the minds of listeners around me.

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