Meet Jeremy from: Pro Motion Physiotherapy in Abbotsford BC

Here’s a great video of the exact laser therapy that Jeremy is using on my neck. I have only experienced this type of therapy once, but it felt better than any other treatment so far. See the video below, and you can continue to read my comments and blog below this video. Thanks, Rick. (You can find Pro Motion Physiotherapy) at: 100a-2955 Gladwin Rd. Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5T4

So, I haven’t blogged for awhile because I have been nursing my sore neck, which brings me to this blog and the introduction of my Physiotherapist, Jeremy.  Jeremy was referred to me through our son Duane. He went through what I am going through now, but about 2 years ago. His was back related, and my wonderful adventure in pain centers in my neck. Duane said that he was convinced that the physiotherapy he received from Jeremy was the deciding factor in getting him back to work in a timely manner. (Which is code for: it works)

My first meeting with Jeremy was on Monday, Sept 26th. On the initial visit (also known as an assessment) Jeremy asked me a series of questions that will help him verify exactly how he should proceed with the treatments to get me back in the real world. In my case, the area of my neck just could not stand any kind of manual manipulation, so Jeremy decided to apply some heat, and incorporate voltage with a device that goes around the back of my neck and to the sides. You know that it is working because you can feel a tingling sensation all along the area where the device is placed. It felt warm and relaxing, and when I left the office, I was good for about an hour or so. After that the neck stiffened up again, and Jeremy told me that it may take some time for that area of the neck to get the message that we were there to help, and that if something he was doing wasn’t working, or if I had any concerns or questions about the treatment to talk to him about it right away. In that sense, it allows the Physiotherapist to become a real quality team player and partner in the recovery process.

Today is Wednesday, Sept 28th, and this is our second visit. We did the heat pad again, as well as the voltage machine, and then we introduced something a little different. Laser beam therapy has been used for a few years now, and, Jeremy did a great job of explaining the features and benefits associated with that particular kind of therapy. I wasn’t paying particularly close attention to the laser as Jeremy was talking, so I didn’t turn around to see what it looked like, but it felt like a warm piece of metal a few inches in diameter being gently rubbed around the affected area. I don’t know if its my imagination or not, but compared to the other two therapies (heated pillow device and voltage) it felt as if the laser was actually going subcutaneously under the skin and working further down on the muscle and tendons of the neck.

Jeremy and I swapped a few stories, and I asked him about my injury, and why it keeps on tensing up. He said (if I can remember the conversation correctly) that we needed to continue to work on relaxing the neck area where the discs were in order to stabilize it, then we could use different tactics to ensure that the entire systems and subsystems for the neck and spine could accept different influences for recovery. I’m impressed with Jeremy’s professional and intelligent approach to patient recovery. I’ve had two sessions now, and as we continue I will of course keep  I will keep you updated with what is happening.

Dealing with a neck injury like this is teaching me that I must re-evaluate some of my daily activities. Oh sure, just after I take my pain killers, at about the 30  minute mark your saying to yourself ‘Hey, I’m not feeling too bad, maybe I’ll try to unload the dishwasher’, and get about 1/2 way through the process when that familiar ‘zing’ hits the neck, and I know that I’m going to pay for my indiscretion when the medication wears off, and that’s exactly how it happens. So we go through this goofy, and not so smart cycle of feeling good, doing a mild activity, then back to great pain.

There’s no doubt that, in order to get better I have to do less and make a conscious effort to use my meditation skills to enhance the healing process. I’ve been doing some research on the internet, and it seems that an injury like this can take some time to settle down. I have been using meditation for years to completely stop cluster headaches, and I even used self hypnosis to quit smoking without any challenges whatsoever. The issue here is one of the disc are protruding, and pressing on some nerves. Muscle, ligament and tendon pain can benefit from heat, cold and resting. I have found, in my case the nerves being pressed in my neck causes uncontrollable jerking and twitching from my arms, legs, hands, fingers and even my entire body will twitch whenever I am laying down, or if a pillow or something else presses on the back of my neck.

So, the adventure continues. And, as a strong believer in holistic methods and concepts, I am working my Reflexology points often and have to keep in mind to ‘do less’, which drives me absolutely crazy, because I now realize that I have to ‘sneak’ up on this kind of pain in order to stay ahead of it. My next appointment is tomorrow and I’m probably suspecting that we will definitely use the laser at that time. I will do some research and talk to Jeremy to see if I can get the name of the exact laser machine they are using and put some detailed findings on this blog. Until then, this is Rick saying,

‘Blog at you later’. Rick.

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