I’m the only Reflexologist that doesn’t believe in Reflexology

Pretty strange statement isn’t it? Here’s why I said what I said. When you mention the word ‘Reflexology’, you take on a whole infrastructure of mixed stuff. Some Reflexologists can’t even agree if they are using acupressure or not. Then, if they can’t explain something in even the slightest scientific terms, they say that it ‘just works’. Well, that’s wonderful, but if your anything like me, there are allot of unanswered questions that really need to be addressed on some level, and there as Shakespeare would say is ‘the rub’.

In the healthy tech talk system, we don’t use hard core Reflexology. I took the most practical, powerful and believable aspects of Reflexology and combined it with what I call ‘trigger ball’ therapy and teach the PC user how to deeply relax while using all 3 systems at the same time. I am under the impression that Reflexology on its own just won’t give you the relief your seeking. Neither will the trigger ball therapy or the deep relaxation exercises. Personally, I can’t wait to get out in the real world and show off my system. It’s perhaps one of the best out there.

I taught Reflexology for several years through the adult education program of my local school boards, and I always felt just a little bit uncomfortable attempting to ‘sell’ what boils down to a belief system. That was clarified for me just a few weeks ago as I was video recording Yvette teaching her advanced class, and she again re-enforced the notion that Reflexology is indeed a belief system. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Take for example Chiropractic medicine. While it is very tightly controlled, monitored and is backed by a college based educational system, chiropractic was once connected to a person who was involved in ‘magnetic healing’, which by most accounts has been questioned by the scientific community. Some will claim that chiropractic is also based on a belief system that supposes the alignment of the spine can influence health for the entire body. Sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it?

Reflexology just doesn’t have the same ‘panache’ that the other systems do, and as stated above in this blog, some reflexologist’s can’t even agree on the delivery method of the basic principles. The science behind the art of reflexology is scarce, substandard and sometimes desperately stitched together from questionable studies and reports that aren’t as convincing as I would like them to be. Still, and there is a ‘still’, reflexology has an annoying habit of being able to relax, restore, revitalize and calm in an amazing way that is still quite a mystery to me. That’s why I am going to attempt to explain it from my side of the fence, as an electronics technician.

Have you ever heard of the book called ‘The body Electric’ by Dr. Becker? He is a medical doctor who was fascinated with the influence of the body’s electronic and electrical system. It took him a few years to gather enough research together in order to write the book, and as I read it over and over again, it revealed to me that the body has a very interesting way of using the properties of magnetism and electricity to do some pretty incredible things, namely to allow healing with the properties that are in his book.

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