One of the best Reflexologist’s has passed on.

She will be missed very much by many loving students, friends, family and adoring fans. We have truly lost one of the greatest ambassadors of Reflexology and holistic health. It was because of Yvette that I created the ‘Healthy Tech Talk’ method of health for computer users. Even though Yvette is gone physically, she did leave behind a great blog that she has entrusted me with. Please feel free to visit the blog in order to get to know Yvette and what she meant to so many people. The address is:

As a business person, one of my hopes is that I can live up to people who are vastly smarter than I am, and Yvette was one of those instructors that towered above most people.

Here at ‘Healthy Tech Talk’ we have taken some of the best ‘principles’ of Yvette’s training and hopefully everyone who comes in contact with the product will love it the same way we did as we were putting the program together.

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