Office Place Stress, Part 2: A new thought, a great walk.

How many times have you heard this statement. ‘Just take a walk, you’ll feel great’. And you wonder, where did they pull that slogan out of? Well, if we look just a little deeper in the benefits of walking during your day, I’ll just bet that you would be surprised at all of the incredible life changing (yes, life changing) things that you can achieve from a really brisk walk. Especially, if you use a computer all day like I do. Today for example, I did a power walk that would put a greyhound to shame. (Okay, if it had the flu, an injured leg and poor eyesight) but the point remains that I took the time out of my day to goble down some lunch and get out there in the sunshine. And, for all of you logical people who just have to know all of the exact details of what a brisk walk can do for you, here’s the list.

1) Walking is absolutely free, and can be done almost anywhere.

2) Walking fits everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes.

3) Walking can be an extremely challenging form of exercise

4) Walking can be integrated into everyone’s lifestyle relatively easily.

5) Walking is a very low strain on the feet, joints and body, and risk of injury is very low.

6) Reduces heart disease, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure.

7) Reduces body fat, enhances mental well-being. Increases bone density, reducing the risk of cancer of the colon, helps to control body weight, helps increase flexibility and coordination, and if that’s not all,

8) Its allot of fun!

Oh, and while were on the subject, lets talk about ‘Work Place Walking’.

1) Improved productivity.

2) Fewer insurance and compensation claims.

3) Fewer absenteeism.

4) Decreased accidents.

5) Reduced staff turnover.

6) Lower cost related to retirement, training and orientation.

7) Improved attitude toward the organization and higher staff morale.

8) A more receptive climate for, and ability to cope with workplace changes.

9) Enhanced business.

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