Ricks 30 Day’s of Pain Management

NEWSFLASH: Went to the Jim Pattison pain clinic today (September 24th) That’s about 3 months to get into the clinic. Ask me if I am a happy camper! I was told that it would take over one year. Hat’s off to the staff at the Jim Pattison pain clinic for getting me in much earlier than anticipated.

Below is a collection of short video’s that I have created to show you how I am coping with my pain, and a reflection of my personal journey. Some of the information is not complete on some entries, but I will be updating the information in the next few days.

This collection of video’s are my ‘Pain Management’ podcast’s. In the future, I plan on creating another series of podcast’s called ‘Recovery From Within’ where I plan on inviting any of my care givers on the show either in studio, on Skype or perhaps even from their office to explain options and possibilities for pain management and recovery. It wouldn’t be fair to talk about pain management if your going to leave out your recovery. Join me in one of the most unusual, interesting and unique perspectives on the ‘ouch factor’ you can find almost anywhere.

The introduction to our 30 day video podcast is right here, and the rest of the days (August 15th to Sept 14th are below the intro) If you are a pain management specialist, or someone who is living with chronic pain and would like to share your success stories with us, or be on our show, email us at: healthytechtalk@gmail.com Thank You, Rick and Pat.

Day 1, August 15th. (We discuss MRI’s and other subjects on this show)

I just didn’t have time to go for a walk, or go to the pool. The eye exam took longer than I thought, and they had me position my neck forward, to the side and with my chin up. Well, that about did me in. I had a medium headache when I got there, but after the exam, the pain was enough to force me to go home, ice my neck and it took several hours for the pain to subside to the point where I could just barely function.

Nutrition today: Breakfast, one plum, 2 pieces of raisin toast with peanut butter and 2 slices of cheese.
Lunch, Hotdog and an Orange Julius
Dinner, Chicken Wings, Celery with cheese whiz, Ice Cream for dessert.
Pain Threshold: 6.5 to 7.

Day 2, August 16th. (What is the most passionate thing you love to do? Lets find out if we can use it as a diversion to control pain) Let me know your thoughts. E-mail us: healthytechtalk@gmail.com

Nutrition today: Breakfast, 2 pieces of toast and 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch, Plum, Sausage, Apple Fritter
Dinner, Spaghetti and Garlic Toast
Pain Threshold: 7

Day 3, August 17th. (The Importance Of Sleep) A couple of suggestions that can really help to prevent you from becoming exhausted when you have chronic pain.

Day 4, August 18th. (Using Tai Chi Breathing Techniques For Chronic Pain) See the Tai Chi video below.

Day 5, August 19th. (Using Divergent Gaze To Control Chronic Pain)

Nutrition Today: Breakfast. Apple Fritter
Lunch. Grilled Bacon, Cheese and Tomato Paninni with a coffee
Dinner. Hawaiian Pizza.

Day 6, August 20th. (Rick talks about his diabetes, blood pressure, and using a smartphone to keep an audio diary of what is happening with your pain management program)

Nutrition Today: Breakfast. Apple, Cheese, Toast
Lunch. Tuna Sandwich
Dinner. Nacho’s.

Day 7, August 21st. (Doctor at a Distance) Rick talks about his experience regarding appointments with a naturopath over the telephone. She offered some interesting suggestions that may help take inflammation down, and when you have a pinched nerve, you’ll take all the help you can get.

Day 8, August 22nd. (Rick talks about putting your neck in ‘Neutral’ for all those who suffer from injuries to the neck. This may not work for everyone, please consult a Doctor if you are unsure how to safely position your neck.

Day 9, August 23rd. (Miracle Ball method is one of the tools I use to relax tight muscles, tendons and ligaments)

Day 10, August 24rd. (Rick shows you how you can use reflexology to relax your back muscles)

Day 11, August 25th. (Rick talks about the Vitamix blender and how you can use it to enhance your nutrition)

Day 12, August 26th. (Rick introduces a great meal planning service called ‘emeals’ to the podcast show)

Day 13, August 27th (Rick discusses several different reasons why you shouldn’t take weird combinations of herbs for chronic pain before you get a full diagnosis)

Day 14, (Do you get depressed in the Wintertime? If you do, you may have a condition known as S.A.D.s “Seasonal Affected Disorder”. Combine that with an injury with chronic pain, and you have some serious issues to work through) Rick talks about what he did in his home, and while neither he nor his wife suffer from SADs, this suggestion could give you more energy and possibly boost your immune system

Day 15, (Don’t know if you have heard of just how useful your smartphone can be. Here are a suggestion of white noise generators and sleep noise programs that may be able to help you get a more enjoyable rest)

Android is no slouch when it comes to sleep apps either. Click here to go to the most popular sleep app called ‘Lightning Bug’

Day 16, (Are You Sensitive To Items Inside Your House?) Oven cleaners, fabreeze, even Tide can make you quite sick. Not to mention the new ‘smart meter’ campaign that BC Hydro is suggesting to be completely safe. Join Rick as he guides you through a podcast discussing these potential hazards and more.

Day 17, August 31st. (Leaning to enjoy the moment)

Day 18, (The Power Of Pets) Rick shows you how to enjoy the healing power of your pets.

Day 19, Sept 2nd. (There is an incredible smart phone app that will keep your posture in good shape by using the built in gyroscope to assist you. Also, Rick talks about something called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique’)

Day 20th, Sept 3rd. (Ever heard of ‘therapeutic touch?’) It has been used in Hospitals for a number of years, and there are some interesting properties that warrant further discussion. Join Rick as he tell you about this holistic modality.

Day 21, September 4th. (Introduction to the ‘Pain Management Toolkit’ from the Jim Pattison Pain Clinic)

Day 22, September 5th. (The Power of Research)

Day 23, September 6th. (The Plasma Mattress)

Day 24, September 7th. (Wrapping it up. We delve deeper into the ‘Pain Toolkit’ and talk about the various ways we can take control and manage our pain more effectively)

Day 25, September 8th. (Why do we do dumb things when were hurt) Has your Doctor told you not to lift over a certain weight because of an injury? Did you do it? Sometimes it just happens, not allot, but part of our brains tell us ‘hey, just lift it already, aren’t you getting tired of everyone lifting everything for you? Well, your not alone. Fortunately, most of us do not make this a habit. Have a look at the video.

Day 26, Sept 9th. (Workload Pacing and Drug Dependency) If you’ve been on opioids for many months, your body may have created a ‘dependency’ on the drug. If you feel that you may be experiencing an unhealthy craving or amount of drugs that does not address the issue of pain control, see your Doctor for advice.

Day 27, Sept 10th (Pain Triggers and Walking) Chronic pain is a delicate dance. Not enough exercise and the tendons, muscles and ligaments atrophy. Too much exercise and you could suffer a setback. Join Rick as he discusses this topic.

Day 28, Sept 11 (Chi-Kung training can be easily learned by anyone, even if your in chronic pain and can only be limited movements. Watch the show as Rick explains just one of the internal workings of the ancient art called ‘Tai Chi’.

Day 29, September 12th. (The Power Of Self Talk)

Day 30th, September 13th. (How To Create Your Own Recovery Podcast Show)

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