Community. It rings with honesty and hopefulness, doesn’t it? Or does it! For us, community is extremely important. After all, we live in the Fraser Valley, work in the Fraser Valley, have children and grandchildren in the Fraser Valley as well. We have roots, and because we have roots we intend to ‘flower’. OK, enough of the corny talk. The fact of the matter is, we love it here and love what we’re doing with our programs, blogs and seminar training systems is extremely exiting, invigorating and dynamic. Our commitment to the community is embedded in our integrity and diligence to all of our present and potential clients as well.

Lately, I have been afflicted by what I consider a long standing injury to my neck. Last year, I ended up in the hospital and a CAT scan revealed that I had 3 vertebrae that had bulging disks, and one of those disks were pressing on a bunch of nerves. It was so bad that, for the first month of treatment, I couldn’t hold a cup of coffee in my hands properly. I thought I had it under control a few months back, but it seems that I have re-injured myself and the situation has taken a turn for the worse. So far, the injury has resurfaced and I am seeking other alternatives. In the mean time, the blogging to all three properties: Eflexonics, Healthy Tech Talk and Abbotsford Small Business will be limited for a time. By the way, if you want to stay up with my limited adventures, just go over to healthy tech talk and I will show you what I have been up to. We hope you understand, and we are planning to be back in fine form just as soon as we can. We will keep you updated as to my condition, and of course how long it will take me to heal. Don’t worry, you haven’t heard the last from us yet, take care. Rick and Pat.

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