Culture. It actually has a wonderful ring to it, doesn’t it? To us, it means that we work here, live here, do business here, even have our children and our grandchildren here, and that usually means we have roots. It’s especially important to us because we had big plans to launch our business and educational seminar programs. Last year in September, I injured my neck quite badly. I ended up in the emergency ward where a CAT scan revealed that 3 of my vertebra had bulging disks, and that one of the disks were pressing on a bunch of nerves. It was so bad that I couldn’t properly hold a cup of coffee for over a month. Recently, I managed to re-injure myself, and once again need to rest up and heal.

You can follow my pain filled adventures by going to this link: healthy tech talk.

I have now created a page on this site chronicling 30 days in my life. It was great fun, and I did it hoping that it could help someone else going through the same thing I am going through. I wanted to make fun, entertaining and educational at the same time. That’s what our culture is all about. A culture of servitude. In the future, my intention is to add much more information to the video’s, picture’s and text, then, put it in a book form.

E-book sales are ready to experience growth that has been unprecedented. I also plan on blogging and pod casting the creation of the book. My intention is to show you how to ‘do it all’ because if you really want to make a difference on the internet, you have to always be willing to give you best content away for free. That’s right, absolutely nothing.

Great web sites start with great content, and we intend to supply both for a very long time, so, welcome to our website.

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