Aug 17

Are your employee’s blogging about your company? They should be

It’s not a bad thing to encourage your brightest, best and happiest to blog for your company. Besides, even if there are people who absolutely hate working for you, they probably won’t be signing up to blog, and if they do blog and say something extremely negative about the company, then they know that negative blogging can actually speed up the process of finding alternative employment, whether they want it or not. Do you know who blogs about their jobs? Let me tell you.

Google. That’s right. Oh, and here is an article to show you that when you blog about your business, it only helps you. Microsoft is another company that allows their employees to blog. Remember a few sentences ago I said not to let disgruntled employees blog about your company? Check out this blog site called Crapple. Just because I said not to let the bad apples spoil the bunch, it still can happen. So, why aren’t you letting your people blog? Is it that you’ve just never thought about it, or don’t know that much about it or how to get started allowing employees to blog.

Now, the big question is, how do you set up specific blogging guidelines for employees so they don’t share confidential information about sensitive material. Take a look at this article as it outlines the basics so you know what to expect. The article has 10 extremely important points that you can use, and include some of the concepts and principles in your own corporate policies you can share with your workers and even have them sign off on the most important aspects before they start to blog. Here’s a really neat blog. You’ll be surprised to see who else allows their employees to blog. Check out IBM’s employee blog. Hey, why not even start a video podcast. Its powerful, engaging, educational, entertaining and let’s your clients see inside your company, and what makes it so great to do business with.

Here’s an interesting concept. Why not create an internal blog (one that will never be published on the internet) to communicate with employee’s on such items as: Meetings. If everyone can’t make it to your weekly sales meeting, why don’t you set up a web cam connected to a notebook PC, record the meeting and upload it to your internal blog so everyone can catch up with whats going on with the company. How about training? Could you have some of your staff take a flip cam or vado cam and record some aspect of your training that may be a bottleneck for your company, then post it on your internal bl0g or website designed specifically for other employees to use to sharpen their skills, or learn new ones.

News, education, entertainment, communications, training, corporate culture building, its all available to you and for you when you use social media and blogging to reach not only your well established clients, but potential customers as well, so is it worth it investing in this ‘blogging thing’? Yes indeed.


Aug 15

Cell phones can heat up the lining of your brain. Be careful.

When I was a computer technician at the start of my career, we relied on cellphones on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, we simply couldn’t do our jobs without them. I entered the tech world in 1997. Back then, there wasn’t any hint of blue tooth headsets for cell phones. If we wanted any kind of a hands free environment, we had to use the wired headset that came with the cell phone. I loved the headset because as I was driving my car to my next IBM server call, I could talk to clients, conference call another party into the conversation and do remote instructions with a client all while driving my car. Pretty slick.

After a few weeks with the cellphone-wired headset combination, I was hooked. It freed up my hands when I had to phone a technical center when I had both hands wrestling a motherboard out, and needed further instructions with the issue I was dealing with. The ear bud took a little getting used to, and after a few days I really didn’t notice it anymore. Today, in British Columbia it is mandatory law that anyone who is driving a car MUST wear a bluetooth device when using a cell phone. Every day I see many, many people still holding their cell phones up to their ears while driving, still not understanding that it is not only dangerous and illegal, but did you know that your cell phone can heal up the lining of your brain. Do I have your attention yet? I hope so. It should concern you if you use your cell phone for even moderate use.

Every single cell phone now comes with a wired headset, just like always, and this is actually the best way to use your mobile device. Besides, if you listen to podcast’s or audio books, you have an advantage. With a wired headset you can listen to the podcast’s or audio books, and if a phone call comes in, with a click of a button on your cell phone you can take the call right away, keep the phone a more healthy distance from your head and then go back to the other media quite seamlessly. So, lets talk about what most people would prefer to use…..

Bluetooth headsets are extremely popular. Just go to any mall and count the number of folks who wear blue tooth sets. It’s amazing. No wires, no muss, no fuss, no problem. While blue tooth is extremely convenient, and much, much, much better than holding the phone next to your head, it’s actually a kind of ‘middle-of-the-road’ approach to an unsettling question. Are cell phones bad for your health? It’s such a loaded and complicated question that it demands further study and discussion before cell phone companies issue formal statements, but I can suggest this to you. If holding a cell phone up to your ear can heat up the lining of your brain, then its time to keep the device away from your ears and dig out that box that came with the phone and at least get out the wired headset.

Nowadays, I use both wired and blue tooth headsets. You can purchase a fairly good quality blue tooth set for about $30.00 to $40.00. Go up the food chain in quality, and there are a variety of interesting choices you can get. Plantronics make a combo blue tooth device that you can use with your call phone, and on your land line. It’s pricey, but for the professional that wants it all, I would recommend you at least take a look at the Plantronics line. When I worked at one of the largest tech based call centers in North America, all of their headsets were Plantronics, and I have really enjoyed using their products for years now. Personally, I use the  Plantronics Voyager Pro blue tooth headset.

Until we know for certain that cell phones can be used in a safe manner, doesn’t it make sense to err on the side of caution by using some kind of headset to keep the phone away from your brain? After all, you can’t grow another brain, and the excuse of  ’I didn’t know it was bad for my health’ just won’t be good enough. Take care out there, yak at you later. Rick

Aug 08

So, most computer related stress comes from call centers? They might be right!

I did a fairly lengthy blog entry a few months ago, and even put a special section on my other website entitled: Before you call the help desk, click here. It outlines some tips, tricks and techniques I used when I attended technical college, and experience I had gained from working at a call center for over 3 years. The general consensus is that calls to a computer help desk is still a major contributor of computer related stress. Hey, the internet is not that old, and DOS just turned 30, (and get this, some companies still use the DOS operating system)

You see, the help desk is only as good as its communications and technical trainers, and if you have bad trainers, well, you have a bad experience for allot of callers. That’s not to say their aren’t any good help desk technicians. But if you look at the statistics of where call centers sit in the grand scheme of things, the brightest of the bright will generally use call centers as nothing more than a stepping stone. The exceptional ones will usually go to work for one of the majors like Facebook, Google, Android, Microsoft, Adobe and other major players.

When I was part of the training and development department at the call center, I insisted on a formula that has never let me down. Here it is. When I would teach a group of people a new troubleshooting skill I would immediately ask them to partner up and teach what they had just learned. Then, I would observe them, or if I knew there was someone in the class that ‘got it’, and I knew they understood what they just learned, I would let them observe other class members and report back to me if they understood and could duplicate the process by teaching the new principles.

It didn’t take very long to tell who ‘got it’, and ‘who didn’t. Now, I don’t know what happened in other classes that were being taught, but I have a suspicion that basic information was given, and no follow up was done. Why am I telling all this? Some contracts have more technical trouble than others, and that can mean training may not have been taught with focus, passion and intention. Even in the best, most prestigious call centers there are employees, trainers, managers and supervisors that wished they were some place else, and that’s a fact.

Click here for a great article on call centers. Did you know that poor communication is one of the main reasons technology can be so intimidating? It’s true. My advice when making a call to a help center is to use a great phrase I learned long ago.

It’s called S.N.A.P. It stands for: Stop Now And Plan. Plan your tone of voice. (Don’t yell or inflect any irritation in your voice) Plan your attitude (realize that you may be speaking to a person with either limited communication skills and/or limited technical skills) Plan what your going to say if the call isn’t going the way you want it to, or think it should be going) I would suggest putting together some kind of script in order to put the call back on track. After all, every single call center employees use scripts when they talk to you. Plan what your next step is if the first line tech can’t fix your issue and you need to take the call up to second level support. Plan to be patient. (I know that this is about the last thing you want to hear when you have a technical issue, but the call center really have you at their mercy, and if the technical agent is having a bad day, they’ll probably make sure you do to)

Plan to ask the agent if they store the contents of the call, or any information related to the call somewhere on the internet. When I was at the call center, the client was given a reference number at the end of the call, and they could go to a specific web address so they could review the call, what was said by both parties, and what solutions or recommendations the agent proposed. The main theme of this exercise it to remain calm, focused, rational and in control of the call, because that’s what they call it at the help desk, ‘call control’.

If you lose your cool: Let’s face facts, sometimes we all lose our cool. And if, or when you do, whatever you do, don’t swear or threaten the agent. There was a rule at my call center. If the client swears, verbally abuses or threatens you, you will be given your first warning. If you repeat that action just 2 more times, the agent can and will disconnect your call, and inform the client that if you phone back again, they can reject helping you on any level, period. That’s that. No more help, your on your own, so if you lose your cool, ask the agent to hold for one minute, (tell them you have to go to the washroom) and walk away from the phone to yell, stamp your feet, slap your hands together and take a big deep breath, then go back to the phone with a new perspective on life.

If your running out of options: Ask the agent for the call reference number, and tell them to take your issue to their engineering department and let them give y0u a specific time when they will phone you back with a solution. Another thing you can try is to have the call center conference call in any other department or company that may be able to assist the agent in fixing your issue. We ‘used’ to be able to do that at the call center I worked at, but the other companies refused to conference call in with us. I got away with it for a couple of years, and it just may work for you on your call.

I’ve outlined some very powerful, unique and very workable suggestions and possible solutions that should help you ‘keep it together’ so you can at least hold onto your sanity long enough to get through your call. I sincerely hope you can use this blog, and perhaps pass this article onto someone that you know who needs to call a help center.

Yak at you later.


Aug 04


When someone says to you ‘just relax’, what does it mean to you? Is it possible for you to do that? Can you tell me the last time you remember relaxing? Most people can’t. I used to be full of tension all of time. As a matter of fact, it was so ingrained in me that I mistakenly thought it was just the way it was. Interesting what happens when you have something to compare an old belief system against. I remember always having tension in my lower stomach. (Everyone holds onto stress differently, I just happened to allowed it to collect in my lower stomach) and the tension never want away. I would try walking, running, watching TV, heating pads, and an endless supply of all sorts of weird, wild and wacky ways in which to relax.

Even after learning how to meditate using scientific principles, I could only relax to certain levels. I slept much better, and did not feel fatigued at all during the day when I constantly reminded myself to enter a deep state of relaxation. You know, I have found that you can study something for years and years and still not master it. I get bored easily (yea, drives my wife crazy) and tend to ‘flit’ or ‘dabble’ here and there, just scratching the surface of a subject, and when I get bored, I just move on, so I suppose it’s my own fault for not staying with whatever I am dabbling in at the time. However, that being said, a few years ago I discovered the real meaning of complete and total relaxation that surprised me very much.

At that time I was on a diet that included apple cider vinegar, and oil of oregano, and had been taking one tablespoon of vinegar and two drops of oil of oregano in a glass of water after dinner. If I can remember correctly, I was on that plan for about 2 to 3 months before I noticed a big change in the way I relax. Here’s what happened. When I went to bed, I would lay on my back and gently focused on the area that I have always had a challenge with. My abdomen area. The reason I mention the apple cider vinegar is because Paul Bragg, a fitness expert swore by it, and his daughter took up his cause after Paul died. Apple cider vinegar has a long list of features and benefits that would surprise you. Some of the benefits are supposed to help diabetes, weight loss, acts as a blood purifier, digestion and much more. Now, the reason I mentioned oil of oregano is because it is an oil that fights infection, and experts will agree that today’s diet and poor lifestyle choices can often cause chronic infection.

Anyway, I was rambling. As I was laying on my back and felt myself relax deeper, and deeper, and deeper…. it was ridiculous. There was just no end to the relaxation, it kept coming in waves, and with each descending wave, I experienced several things that I never expected. Time just stood still. OK, I’m not a freak, hippy, guru or anything like that. It’s just that, while I was aware of time, it felt as if time wasn’t associated with a clock pounding out a beat. It’s as if each second lasted for minutes, and each minute became an hour in a place that I simply did not want to leave. Another thing happened as well. I was completely aware of my body, but could actually feel my body truly resting and repairing my own body. That relaxation experience created a whole new reference point that I can use to hopefully revisit that point many times in the future. I personally believe that relaxation needs to address all three aspects. One is physical, you can’t allow your internal organs to completely relax until the physical body is allowed to deeply wind down. Two, your mental state has to have an opportunity to be completely clear of all stresses and challenges that you have dragged around in your mind during the day.

Third, emotionally you need to be able to process all of the baggage and thought processes that work with your mental capacity and form strong pictures inside of your emotions. All three of these human functions must come to some kind of ‘agreement’ that relaxation needs to be more important than anything else you are dealing with at the point of deep relaxation. I met a woman at a trade show a few years ago. She had written a book on stress. She said that, if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to process all of the events that happened to you during the day. She followed it up by saying that if you can’t or wont process, then you can be heading down the road for some kind of a breakdown.

She had some great advice, and I would venture to say that very few people actually allow time in the evening to ‘process’ what they did during their day. My advice? Practice, practice, practice until you get it right. After all, relaxation is a ‘learned’ phenomenon. If you have a great way to relax, please let us know. Drop us a line at: Thanks, Rick.


Aug 03


I don’t know it you have heard of Audible before this blog, but it’s amazing. Its a huge audio bookstore that has changed the way I consume my written media. That’s the neat part, its not in written form, its all audio based. If your a reader like me, and even if your not, I highly recommend you check out their Audible website. Let me give you my personal observations and recommendations for this wonderful form of media. Audible has been around for a few years, and when you go to their site, you will be invited to try a free audio book from audible. Take my advice and grab a free trial book. Yes, you will have to give Audible your credit card number because after the fourteen day trial, if you like the selection of books and want to continue using the service, Audible doesn’t have to bug you for your credit card number. Of course if you don’t want to use the service (I just can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to continue with Audible) just let them know before the trial ends and they can adjust to whatever you want or need.

Audible is the best way I have found to (read) listen to a book. There are so many ways to download to and listen from that there should be no reason to hesitate trying out Audible. I started out with Audible several years ago, and used my Ipod classic for the first year or so. That’s when I got my Ipod touch (that I can also watch netflix on) and could download my audio books on it. Now, I have an Android superphone that I can download any Audible book to without using Itunes (a big plus in my books since I am not a big fan of Itunes) So, the next question is, what kind of selection do they have? Currently Audible has over 85,000 titles on their site from 1200 different providers.

I use Audible in two ways. The first is business and business related books. It’s one thing to read a paper based book, but its totally a completely different experience when you can relax while driving, walking, shopping, standing in line at the bank, or just kicking back on the patio with your favorite beverage. Now, that take care of the business side, and when I want to be entertained, well, I’m a huge Clive Cussler fan, so I love love love listening to his books as well. If your the type of person who just doesn’t have time to read the newspaper, or stay up to date with the latest happenings, you can purchase a subscription from a major newspaper. There you go, now your in touch, tuned up and ready to discuss the latest trends in politics, world events and whatever Dear Abby may be discussing.

Why am I writing a blog on Audible when this is supposed to be ‘Everything healthful and helpful for the PC user?’ Audible is actually a time management system you can use to your advantage on a constant basis. My eyes get tired from all of the days activities, but my ears can handle a ton of audio input. Some people love to listen to music, me too, but I think that Audible gives you an opportunity to educate and entertain on a level you may not have considered before. You know, once you compare books in audio form compared to the printed page, you may notice yourself doing something unusual, and that is actually ‘relaxing into the book’. When I am listening to my business or motivational audio books, I grab a pen and a piece of paper and start taking notes because I get to ‘feel’ the book from another side, and end up getting allot out of passively listening instead of reading.

Aug 02

We test out a complete fitness and nutrition program called ‘Noom’

Pat and I have had our Motorola Atrix smartphone’s for just over one month and love experimenting with them. Since they are android devices we will be discussing one particular app that should be on everyone’s list for health related activities. After all, if your a computer user we all must admit that we don’t get enough exercise. For Pat and myself, our physical meanderings include either walking up the small mountain we live on, or walking down. We have to do both if we want to return to our humble abode.

We quickly outlined the app called ‘noom’ a few podcast’s ago and we thought we should give you a more in-depth look at the program because it is jammed packed with allot of features that are extremely valuable to us, and we are certain you will like the app as well. Let start by giving you the web address. After you download your program, take a look at the three little green men on the top of the noom screen. The first green cartoon person has his right hand sticking out, and he is pulling on his pants in an attempt to show you just how much weight he or she has lost. This is where you will have the choice of four buttons. Plan, Help, Weight Graph and Progress. Lets break these fields down.

Plan: Noom will ask you what you want to enter for your Target Weight, and how much you have to lose per week in order to accomplish your goal. Very handy indeed. It will also suggest a schedule as to how many workouts per week you want. Don’t worry, there is a little button just below ‘schedule’ that will allow you to reset you plan anytime you want.

Help: Noom is quite intuitive. In the help menu it has four main sections. Set your goal, Set your plan, Work out with Cardio Trainer and See results. We love this program for what it doesn’t do, and that is, you don’t have to count calories. Noom has an interesting concept in that if you spend too much time counting calories, that’s more time you could have spent working out. Nice to know that there is a program out there that doesn’t follow the norm. Now, for those hard core calorie counting folks that just have to count calories, they do have a counter included in the program.

Weight Graph: In this section of the program you can enter how much weight you are losing. It even evaluates a form of weight loss pattern for me and spreads this information out over many weeks so I can see the plan working to my advantage.

Progress: This is where it get really exciting. On the progress section, you will see three separate and distinct areas of your progress. On the left is your goal, and on the right, split into two areas are how many calories less per day you need to eat in order to meet your desirable outcome, and how many calories you need to burn in your workouts to keep the weight off, and keep it off.

Now, we investigate the Workout Section. The version that Pat and I are enjoying is completely free, however you can buy a secondary part of the app called ‘Cardio Trainer’ that you can purchase  for $9.99. Once inside your Workout section, you can schedule your walks (which should keep you motivated) A complete ‘history’ section that shows you exactly what you have done in the past. Keep going until you find the ‘settings’ tab. Once your inside, we would suggest that you not ‘enable voice output’ because every few minutes on you walk the program will tell you a bunch of stuff that you don’t really need to hear about until the workout is over. You also have an opportunity to download music and control it through the program if you want.

We do suggest that you click on your ‘Sharing Setting’s’ and share your results on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, its called diet by intimidation, or if your anything like us, just plain fun. It encourages other people who see your results on social network sites. It also shows that you are committed to a fitness and weight loss plan that your very proud of.

Sometimes life gets so hectic that we don’t walk as often as we like. It seems it goes in spurts. One week we will walk 5 times in 7 days, and the next we may not have time to walk at all. That’s when a program like noom can help motivate you and show you patterns that you aren’t particularly pleased with yourself. Just remember that its a numbers game. Eventually if you use the program every day, it will become habit and easier to work with.

Along with Noom, there is a complimentary program that works seamlessly to track your eating habits. Its called ‘calorific’ and you should use it along with the main Noom app for best results.

When you open up Noom, on the right side there will be a little green fellow holding a fork in his right hand and a knife in his left. Click on that button and be prepared to be delighted because this is where you track your eating habits. Go to the profile button, fill out all of the information like your sex, age, height, weight and goal of weight you want to lose. Noom will suggest to you how many calories you should be eating to meet that goal.

When you are in the calorific section, (look for the green guy holding the cutlery) click on ‘Today’s Log’ and click on the ‘Breakfast’ tab. Halfway down the page, click on ‘More details’ and watch what happens. You now have quite a large selection of food groups and categories that you can use to match what you are eating. When you put all of the powerful sections of Noom together, you can see where this application can be your personal nutritional guru and fitness trainer all in one. We encourage you to try Noom, and send us the link to your facebook page so we can track each others progress. We hope you have enjoyed our review of Noom, and look forward to your comments or suggestions to our blogs and shows. Thanks. Chat at you later. Rick and Pat.


Jul 29

Podcast your way to happiness

Do you commute to work? Vacuum? Do chores around the house? Cut the Grass? Are you sick of all these questions? There is a method to my madness. If you do any of the above activities I have great news for you. Did you know that you can actually educate yourself during your downtime? There are so many ways to consume different forms of media on an mp3 player that there is really no excuse not to completely immerse yourself in knowledge. Let me explain what I do.

I have owned an Ipod classic for over 3 years. It is invaluable to me. This little device allows me to download podcasts in the areas that most interests me the most. I listen to podcasts on business, motivation, technical issues, holistic health broadcasts, even audio books from a great site called ‘’. I commute two hours per day, so the drive gives me a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy my podcast education.

Did you know that there are podcasts on just about every subject imaginable, and yes, there are podcasts out there for you too. Just think of it. If your interested in gardening, carpentry, auto mechanics, mathematics, animal husbandry, race car driving, video gaming or thousands of other topics, test them out on a podcast and download them onto your favorite mp3 player. I was surprised at all of the downtime we have in our daily lives. If you walk, take a podcast of your choice with you. And, if you just can’t seem to fit using a personal podcast program into your daily life, how about at night? That’s when I take my itouch to bed and watch videos or listen to podcast’s when I am resting and allowing myself to unwind just before sleep takes me away for the night.

If you need to study for a test, why not find a podcast that speaks to your educational needs. How about an interview from a ‘mover and shaker’ in an industry that you have been wanting to know more about. The truth is that you can actually change the way you feel about your world by feeding your mind with positives. Now, I’m just enough of a realist to know that just by listening to a few podcasts you can find nirvana. Far from it, but I am saying that if you choose to pick and choose the information that influences your mind and habits, you have a much better chance of re-creating interest in one or more areas of your life.

Owning a smartphone is a big plus because you can load your podcasts and take your new classroom in a box everywhere you go. Here’s something that I have noticed while wearing my earbuds and listening to my favorite podcasts. Many activities are much more enjoyable than before. I look forward to washing the car, trimming the hedges, painting the deck or anything else that demands my attention around the house. There is a certain ‘connectedness’ to podcasts that I just love.

Did you know that almost all radio stations now offer podcasts from their stations so you can get caught up on local news and events within your own community? I seldom have time to read the local paper anymore, but with local radio station podcasts, I can find out what is on the minds of listeners around me.

Jul 28

Smartmeters. What exactly is going on?

Isn’t it interesting to be pulled in two totally different directions at the same time? A few weeks ago, I wrote an article for a group called ‘Citizens for safe technology’ on another blog of mine. It basically outlined the potential, and I mean ‘potential’ of harmful effects wi-fi signals may be producing through the new BC Hydro smart meter program. There are several issues that have grabbed the attention of politicians, private sector groups, radio stations, even Rafe Mair has expressed his opinion, and he can be pretty influential. So, here are the issues in no particular order.

1) Wi-Fi concerns. This one is a biggy. BC Hydro has deemed that Smartmeters are absolutely harmless to humans and animals, and has even stated this information on their website. The only challenge is that the information on their site is not completely truthful, nor up to date.

2) Is BC Hydro going to give us a choice about having a Smartmeter installed on the side of your home? Well, they say an alternative may be presented, but that would have to be paid by the consumer. It looks like you can have BC Hydro run a line from the Smartmeter to the road so the Wi-Fi is not a concern to you, however, the cost may be very expensive, and to offer consumers that option may not be a choice at all. You see, BC Hydro didn’t ask your permission. Didn’t have any kind of consultation or town hall meeting. Didn’t even think it was worth their time to inform you that a Smartmeter will be attached to your house, or consider any other plan than plan A which is ‘shove this device down consumers throat’s and ignore what they have to say’.

3) Will Smartmeters be used as a surveillance device? According to more than a few sources it is a definite possibility. Not only that, but the information gathered about how you use your energy can easily be sold to third party companies, again, without your permission. Oh yes, and the best part of this entire fiasco is that the program will cost about a billion dollars. Yes, you heard correctly, that’s billion with a ‘B’.

The health claims against Wi-Fi are now being looked at through the eyes of the World Health Organization. They have stated that there is a possibility that Wi-Fi signals may be carcinogenic, and have put it in the same category as exhaust fumes. There are reports out that claim Smartmeter radiation is much stronger than the radiation that can be emitted from a cell phone, and I have recently read a scientific report that holding a cell phone close to your head actually increases the temperature of your brain, and that’s a very bad thing.

And why is BC Hydro in such a hurry to install these devices anyway? The fact remains that Smartmeters are going to broadcast Wi-Fi signals from your home many times during the day. Here’s the scary part. When you and all of your neighbors have these devices installed, the plan is to make them broadcast in a mesh/network pattern and ‘chatter’ much more than BC Hydro would have you believe. Citizens for safe technology has been on many different radio programs, as well as protested this issue and have been on TV sharing their concerns. I think we owe it to this group to let them speak or represent us where ever and when ever we can.

A few weeks ago, I phoned BC Hydro and told them that I did not want a Smartmeter installed on my home. They gave me the phone number to Corix, the company that has the contract to do the installs. I phoned Corix and informed them about my intentions, and that I would not accept a Smartmeter on my property. The agent just kept saying ‘Sir, when we come to install your Smartmeter’, and I would stop her to let her know that that would not be an option for me, she just kept on repeating the line ‘Sir, when we come to install your Smartmeter,’ and kept reading from the script Corix has supplied her with. It was worse than talking to a brick wall. The agent must have asked me 8 times what the reason was for me not wanting a Smartmeter, and finally I said that the World Health Organization has stated that Wi-Fi could be a possible carcinogen, and guess what she said to me? Sir, how do you spell carcinogen? OK, enough said.

Let’s look at some hard, cold facts. If BC Hydro goes ahead with this scheme and populates all of our houses with Smartmeters, and in a few years multiple scientific studies tell us what we already suspect is true, BC Hydro can always say ‘Oops, we made a mistake’. The simple truth is that ‘Oops’ won’t fix this, and by that time it may already be to late because the Smartmeter phenomenon will be deeply entrenched into our society. My personal opinion is that we need to stop BC Hydro on this ridiculous quest and demand that they fully explain what they are doing, and why they are doing it.